About Us

As part of our Prepper’s Paradise operational security, I am the only one of our board that actively posts my name as I am “the face” of the organization. Some would even call me the leader but I like to think of myself as more of an organizer. I see it as my duty to educate and help create a safehaven for those that will listen and use their God-given senses to realize that at some point, a widespread disaster will effect everyone.

My name is Damion Flynn. I am not one of those “wackos” you see on TV that are preparing for a radioactive fallout and has drills with their family every month to be fully prepared. No, quite the opposite actually. While I spend time managing the paradise, helping others get prepped, etc, most of this time is therapeutic to me. See, I have a full time job, two businesses that I own, and I have friends and family that I am engaged with.

I believe that everyone should be prepared but if you are preparing to live the good life in a SHTF scenario so much that you are losing your current quality of life, you are being counter-productive.

I believe that at some point in our lifetime, something will happen. It could be tomorrow, 5 years or 20 years down the road, but with very minor exceptions (ie a nuclear bomb on South Mississippi), my family and those that choose to join us in our preparedness, will not only live, but thrive in a post doomsday scenario.

What am I preparing for?
Life. Name your poison. The economic state is horrible, nuclear tensions are high, the political stress on the USA is so high that even civil war would not be unheard of. Global warming, solar flares that could send our electronics into the dark ages. Who knows? What I do know is that mild preparations now for myself and those that wish to join me could one day mean the difference between my family’s survival.

Prepping is, in an essence, Doomsday Insurance for me. If nothing ever happens, it is little more than an insurance policy. If something does happen, I will collect on that policy and thrive while others are fighting for water and food.